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School Administration

Welcome Back!

It is a pleasure to welcome students, parents and staff back to school!

This is sure to be a great year with a few simple reminders:

*Attendance is important.  School opens at 7:30 and the tardy bell rings at 8:00.  Please be here and on time.  

*All car students should come through the car line.  The front is for bus students only.

*The children look great in their uniforms.  We are so pleased that everyone has been compliant.  Here are some reminders...

  • School shirts must have a collar and be gold, green or white.
  • Pants/Skirts/Jumpers/Shorts should be khaki, black or navy. ( no cargo shorts)
  • If the pants have belt loops, the student must wear a belt.  This is a school rule.
  • If your student has trouble with a belt, consider elastic waist pants, or clip off the loops.
  • Please help your child learn to tuck in their shirt.
  • All shoes must cover the toe and heel of the foot.  Any print is fine.
  • If your child gets cold, they can wear a coat in the building.  It must be school colors (white, green, gold, khaki, black or navy)
  • Heavy coats for outdoors can be any color or print.

*Students should be signed out before 2:00.  

I am excited to begin a new year with you!  Work hard for what you want, luck has nothing to do with your success.